Friday, April 1, 2011

Another Rejection

I never really had my hopes up for making either of the teams but you can't get on if you don't try,right? I loved working with the Jillibean Soup products/papers.Thanks Tracey,Cindy and Heather for hooking me up! This LO is one of my favs!!!!It really helps that the pics are so cute!!!!
This LO is not one of my favorites but I was pretty sick and the call was due.I like it even though it is quite simplistic in design. A card.....
And another card.......


  1. I personally love the page with all the circles. The patterns and colours you mixed on that last card are so striking. Great work. :)

  2. Wow Cheryl your projects are beautiful. I think your layout is so adorable and the cards are stunning. Wow! I know how you feel though about the rejection. I have tried out for Company teams as well, it it really can sting when you work hard and your work never seems good enough. The sad part is when the ones chosen sometimes don't even mearsure up to what most think is great. Oh well, it is so hard to know what they are going for here. Better luck next time and don't give up. They are sure to see your creativity sometime soon. Hugs.