Sunday, May 23, 2010


"L" is for linear.Are my pics always straight? Hmm ..I don't think it matters to me if they are or not.....For the most part when I look back I guess I do tend to put them on straight on most of my LO's but it doesn't bother me if they aren't.

LOAD Day14

I's all about kaleidoscope.When you think of a kaleidoscope you think of colour.For day 14 we were asked to think of what we normally do for colour...are we a kraft kind of girl?do we reach for the brightest and boldest paper? That is an easy question for me to answer...if my picture permits it I LOVE COLOUR!!!!

LOAD Day 13

J is for a taleneted but simple scrapper named Jody Wenke.Totally not my style but I have been following the prompts and decided I would scraplift her even if it is not my normal style.I once took a class from Kathy Thompson Laffoley and the two of them are exactly the same style scrappers. It is a great style but just not my style. You can check our jody's blog here and check out Kathy T's blog here

LOAD Day 12

J is for journalling.I really hate to journal!!!! It's not because i don't like my handwriting or anything but because most times I am scrapping pics from family far away and don't know the story behind the photo.I stuggled with this and started the LO about 15 minutes before 12 and it was finished and uploaded by midnight ...UGH!!!!!!

LOAD Day 11

For the 11th day of LOAD we were asked to find inspiration in the gallery. I found a fabulous digi LO by j.o.d.i.e. I put my paper strips and pic too close to the top edge and found the bottom just too plain so i added the paper and the MLBOW hedgehog.I really like the way it turned out.

LOAD Day 10

Day 10 was about using your holiday paper but not for the holiday it was purchased for .I don't really have much holiday paper so I chose to use the clown paper I bought for birthdays and used for some fair pics I had.

LOAD day9

Day 9 was all about the letter"G" for grouping. I am not sure if i always group my embellishments and everything together or not but sometimes i do.I just decided to scrap and see where it took me.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I was thinking today would be all about flowers or fabric ...... my disappointment came when i opened the email and saw......... F was for five things!!!!!!! I started out without a plan and it came together rather quickly..... My 5 things might have a few more(shhhh,,,don't tell!!!!) but i am extremely happy with my results!


E is for embellishments.We were asked.... do we make our own or use store bought?.... do we use a little of them or alot of them? ... do we clump them together or spread them apart?

Well my answer is ...i like to make most of my embellishments!!! They can be spread out or clumped together but I usually like to use lots!!!! For my LO i crocheted flowers and beaded a few of the ones printed on the paper .i also stitched the butterfly and flourishes!!!


Today we were asked to lift a LO by Kelli Crowe. I chose one of hers from quite a few years back but i am not too happy with my result.The LO is much too plain for me and i would really like to add something more to it. you can check out her blog post here

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today we were asked to define our distressing style.I love my mists and also my distress ink.I also decided to sloppy write with my sharpie!!! This LO took me only about 20 minutes!!I think that is my quickest LO ever!!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


"C" is for cardstock.Today we were asked to use cardstock only and one other item for embellishment but no patterned paper.We were also allowed to use stamps to do our title.I scrapped this LO in 8x8 so I had no room for a title.I chose to use beads as my other item but then had to use thread to sew them on.I spent the day in Moncton shopping and watching a few games of men's provincial bowling and got in rather late so i had to keep it simple.

Monday, May 3, 2010

LOAD Day 3

Today is all about the letter "B".Brads and buttons that is.We were asked to think about how we usually use buttons and brads on our LO's .After very little thought i could easily answer this with flower centers or as a filler with 3 lined up in a row.Very rarely do i randomly put them on.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Well's challenge was "A" for adjectives.We were asked to define our scrappy style using 3 adjectives in our title.With my sense of humour I did a bit of a play on words....Triple"d" and used a pic of me.I chose the words..Distinctive,Different and difficult which describes both me and my scrappy style.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

LOAD day1

Today is the first day of layout a day(LOAD).It is due by midnight and i have over an hour to spare!!!!! The month will be spent scrapping to "define our style".Today we were asked to scrap what we love how we love to scrap.I chose to stitch on my LO but used the sewing machine as opposed to handstitching due to time constraints.


Today is National Scrapbooking Day.Happy Scrapping to everyone attending crops!!!!! I am heading to work so no cropping for me today.I will however have to scrap tonight.I signed up for LOAD(layout a day) for the month of may!!!! I sure hope i can do it.So look forward to seeing alot more blog posts this month!!! I put my back out 15 days ago so the scrapping has pretty much been non existant.It is starting to feel a bit better so let's hope that is a good sign and keeps getting better.