Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh My Crafts!

OK....So this past weekend Oh My Crafts! had a challenge on their facebook page to email in your favourite flower LO. I thought WTH!!!! I sent in the grad LO from my DT submission .I didn't win but they posted 7 non winning LO's in their photo winners section .....and guess what ...... mine was one of them !!!!!I am so excited !! What a boost to my ego!!!!! I know it wasn't a winner but think of all the people who don't know me and who have never seen my work who might just see this LO!!!! That possibility thrills me to no end !!!! Okay ..I am babbling !!! Thanks for listening!!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

DT Reveal!!!

So it is official ....I MADE THE DESIGN TEAM ..and i couldn't be happier!!!!!!We had to provde 3 LO's /cards that are our favorites as well as creating a new LO based on a sketch by the talented Cory-Lyn.I agonized for a few weeks to find the right pictures to go with the sketch and finally chose to do my niece's prom pics .they were the wrong orientation so i had to flip the sketch .!I can't wait to see what the first DT challenge brings us .....

Keeping my fingers crossed

So tonight is the night of the big reveal for the design team at APOS!!! I am so excited to see who makes it !! I spent 3 evenings stitching and beading finally finished my submission up last night and sent it off!!! I am super pleased with my results and sure hope the decision makers are just as happy with it as I am!!! Stay tuned for the results....

Friday, June 19, 2009

fair pics

tonight we went to the fair,i brought along my tripod and got a few nice shots experimenting with the shutter speed settings.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blind Scrap

Last weekend i participated in a blind scrap online at A Pile Of Scrap.It is a challenge where LO instructions are posted throughout a 24 hour period.At the end of the day you have a completed LO.I am pleased with the results!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Harley coloured wedding card

I was totally honoured when a coworker accepted my offer to hand stitch a wedding card for her husband's son who is getting married on the beach this coming saturday!he owns a harley .thanks to Tinksman at Let's Capture Our Memories for providing me with such a fitting qoute!

"Life's a Journey Together... Enjoy The Ride!!! i hope the happy couple likes it!!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

better pic !!!

posted the wrong pic for the 2nd week moose pic !!!

camera class

for the past 2 tuesday nights ,i have went to fredericton to take a mini "get to know your camera class".Sandie did an amazing job explaining things,even providing handouts!!!

the 1 st week on the way home ,i saw 5 moose and 3 deer.i stopped for pics the first week and panic mode set in !!what settings to use ..what changes the +/- for lighter pics?i got some absolutely terrible pics!!!! the good news is after last night's class i got to see another moose !! put the camera in p mode and changed the amount of light and got a much better pic!! far from great but at least i can now try to shoot in other modes than auto!!!!

my new blog!!

last night i had the most amazing woman help create my blog..actually i did very little !!!thanks to her i will be able to share alot of my creaions!!!!

last saturday i went to an 8 hour crop and got a LO done!!! kind of amazing for me ..i pack too much ,talk too much and scrap very little!!! however,isn't the friendships what scrapbooking's all about?...the joys of sharing one's memories and for making new ones!!!