Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Didn't Make It.... But I Sure Had Fun Trying!!!!

I tried out for the Design team at My Little Shoebox but i was not one of the lucky ones chosen.Congrats to the ladies who made the team! I have had the pleasure of meeting Zoe before and have "met" Norine online and feel like i know her personally!!! I couldn't be happier for them. This LO is one of my favs! I love the colours and thanks to Dee Dee for not getting mad at me for using her beautigul daughter's pics!.I have been loving using my Imaginisce I-Rock tool .I purchased it in October and didn't open it til February!!! I sould have cracked it open sooner!!!
This LO features my niece Allie and her new "Friend" having lunch.See my awesome zipper flower? I received a great gift from my secret pal and she had made a super flower for the top of it .... i copied it!!!I wish the LO didn't haveshadows from me scanning such a thick LO.... anyone have any suggestions?
I made this clock out of a painter's canvas! I crocheted the chain for the lanterns.
Tis is my card .I probably should have sent a pic instead of a scan .might have looked better ,
I must say I absolutely loved working with this paper and have to thank CindyS for being so generous!


  1. I just love what you did with these lines. I think the first is my fav. though not by much. Beautiful work.

  2. Awww Da! You mean to tell me that you didn't get picked for this call! What is they problem with these folks. My jaw it the floor over the beauty of that first layout! It is a total stunner and even nicer than some of the other submissions that I see on their sight. Oh my word that layout is gorgeous and I think that the others are pretty amazing too, but that first one is the best I have ever seen of your work and I have seen your other stuff too. And it is great but this just steals the show. I so love the layout of you. Your beautiful you know! Love the design and laterns are so pretty. Wow!