Thursday, December 31, 2009


I must admit I have never before been paid to scrapbook a LO!!! So it was a big surprise when my district manager asked me to create a LO for her to give to her mom for christmas, then gave me carte blanche to do whatever i felt like .The only stipulation ...all 5 pics had to be on the same page!!!I had to do alot of thinking but was pleased with the final result.My district manager must have been too..she paid me 40$ for it!!!!sorry the pic isn't as clear as i'd like but i took it in the frame.


  1. WOW!! Fabulous LO!! She must have enjoyed it for sure!!

  2. This is the ultimate indication that you are an amazing scrapbooker. To be paid for so much for one layout is fabulous! The page is worth it so much! Beautiful Cheryl!