Monday, August 10, 2009

Inspiration Challenge!!

Today was my day to issue an inspiration challenge to the girls at APOS!I chose to have them use a memory as an inspiration.There are lots of moments that get missed because we don't have our cameras handy or in my case a mishap at the store where a clerk erased my card and sold me a blank cd!!!!All i was left with was the memory and no pics !!I have never cross stitched on a LO before .I am not a cross stitcher and had to borrow a few books from a co worker but i do love the way it turned out !! I will definately do it more often!!! Be sure to check out jerusha's and valerie's challenges issued today !!!!

My journalling,gary and i set out for bangor on october 6 we were driving down the airline i saw the strangest large birds to which i exclaimed ..what the heck are they? mom thought that was funny.i am such a city chick..i had never seen a wild turkey before!!! let alone a batch of them on the side of the road.gary turned the car around so i could get pics.i chased them through someone's yard and got a few pics.i got them put on cd at shoppers but the clerk sold me a blank cd and wiped out my camera card so all i am left with is the memory of seeing wild turkeys on the side of the road!!!!

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